This site expresses views on the use of Logical Thinking and Reasoning to investigate the many contradictory and illogical ways of living in the world today. I am not trying to convince you that what I express is correct or the only way of looking at the statements on this site but to put them in print so that you may consider for yourself if they have any relevance to your way of thinking and living.



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To understand and know yourself is the most important thing in life, all else will follow without effort.

In answer to the ongoing question of why are we here?,                       what is our purpose in life? etc, It is so simple

We are here to enjoy life and to help each other. Don't complicate it.

Above all don't make fixed rules for yourself to live by, live in the moment and be what you are now, make decisions at the time.

It is so simple, but I never said it was easy.

Something to Consider

Do you know what love is? Should you question all you are told? Do you need any beliefs at all? Do you know your true self?
When you understand and know yourself then self confidence and self esteem are meaningless words. Do you know that the only reality is this moment? All else is only a thought in the mind.
Do you know that when you are hurt by words that you are the one who has the choice to be hurt or not be hurt.

  When you don't know the answer to a question,   do you say you don't know or do you invent an answer.

Discrimination guidelines and Free speech are contradictory subjects don't you think, would it not be preferable to teach people not to take offence or be hurt by words that they hear from other people particularly if they also believe in the right to free speech.?

Take the case of the recent swine flu epidemic.

Instead of having temperature sensors monitoring people as they get of the airplane and then testing and quarantining the suspected ones, wouldn't it have made much more sense to have the monitors set up at the boarding line and not allowing the suspected ones to board the aircraft and probably infect all the other passengers while in transit.


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